A is the beginning. A is ab initio.

A is the beginning.

It is the symbol of the initial attempts by humanity to write down their thoughts. From cave walls, stone tablets, papyrus, paper and now to place their thoughts into the vastness of cyberspace, we need to record and pass on our existence to the future. It is the way humanity can make order out of the disorder of life. It is the way for humanity to tell tales, elicit hope and prayers, bring about change in our situations. But above all “A” is the symbol of the power of ideas. For it is ideas, that challenge the status quo and bring about growth, development, justice and in the end humanity itself.

But mostly “A” denotes the commencement of a new endeavor that you hope propels your life forward into a stream that opens up your mind and helps you find your inner muse. Yes, a muse is supposedly your ego come to life; someone or something that helps you focus your inner self and inner sense of who you are. It is the manifestation of your soul. A concrete object with that elusive aura that helps you bring your thoughts to life. A muse helps you give breath to your dreams. It is why they call what you write, musings afterall.

A is ab initio….in the beginning…

But the greatest book ever written, the beginning of western civilization’s need to understand the universe, does not begin with A…but with B, bet, from the aleph-bet. Hebrew, the language of the Bible’s authors, the Holy Torah, the Old Testament, began their journey not with the beginning, but with what follows after the beginning occurs.

Bereshit in Hebrew..the beginning words of the first book of the Bible…the book of Genesis, the words of Bereshit….bereshit berah elohim, et hashamayim v’et haaretz….in the beginning God created Heaven and Earth…

Humanity then begins after the beginning….



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2 Responses to A is the beginning. A is ab initio.

  1. Great post! Love your reflection…
    Humanity begins after the beginning…now I bet that would be the topic of an interesting debate. 🙂
    Nice to meet you via the A to Z challenge.
    Writer In Transit


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