B is the Beginning. The start to life. The Big Bang…

Bereshit…the beginning.

The beginning of the universe. The start to life. The Big Bang….

Is our own personal beginning  independent of life? For is life  when we become aware of our own existence or is life when a heart begins to beat?

Is our beginning when we understand our purpose? What if we have no purpose except to live? What then does life mean? Such confusion. So many questions.

So we write…

We write to begin our journey and to understand our purpose. We write to understand the purpose of our own existence. We write to leave a legacy. We write to impart some wisdom, however fleeting, to those who are our progeny. We write to understand our own thoughts, hopes, beliefs and fears.

We write because in the beginning the Earth was void and without form…just as the thoughts in our minds eye have no shape and live in the recesses of limitless darkness. We write because we are compelled to understand ourselves even if we cannot comprehend the world in which we live. We write because to touch another human soul is the essence of humanity; To teach each other that we are not two dimensional, and we are so much more than a single story.

So in the beginning, the start to life, our personal Big Bang, is when we are no longer content to simply live, but when we embrace our individual journey. We demand our right to be heard. Just as a newborn loudly signals its entrance into the world…We write to loudly proclaim “I am here.” This is my beginning….





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4 Responses to B is the Beginning. The start to life. The Big Bang…

  1. Bathsheva says:


    I love this!! And am following!


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  2. Lara says:

    This is deep and thought provoking.


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