I, insouciant

Insouciant- marked by blithe unconcern.*

So the question you have to ask yourself, is simply when should you be concerned about an issue. So often in today’s day and age, we are bombarded with information and facts, which can overwhelm the most ardent of persons. So when does enough become enough? When can we turn off the spigot and simply live our lives without the noise of things over which we have no control? And when we do just that, spare our psyches of the incessant drum beat of trauma, does that make us really a bad person or simply a person trying to remain psychologically whole?

There comes a time when we need to prioritize our own lives. When the issues that are right in front of us, become the cause to which we must put our energies. Each one of us has a finite number of spoons, no matter your level of health, where we can draw on strength and power to resolve an issue. As the issues mount so does the need to stretch our emotional resources. Yet how thin do we allow our resources to get? What do we have to short change in order to actually get something done and what will be the outcome of our choices? How do we understand our own abilities and weaknesses?

Its about picking and choosing what is most important. You do not short change your own child for a stranger, yet there is always the question you need to ask yourself to what point do we overindulge our own children? Are we helping or hindering our own children when we give them everything? Or are we simply good parents that understand the  challenges that life holds and figure, why make the child’s burden harder than it has to be? But are we making a generation of entitled brats as opposed to self-reliant adults? Is it the material objects we give our children or the lack of real-life lessons taught that are the real cause for consternation?

We are not blithely unconcerned with the future, when we choose to indulge a child who works hard in school, does their chores and works to make themselves a better person. We are working on the future right there in your own home. The gift you give the future is a person able to stand on their own two feet and be productive members of society. That is the hope for the future.

We are not blithely unconcerned with the future, when we vote, or lobby or participate in our democracy. Yes, many will tell you that it is a fools paradise, that the average person has no say in the real world politic. Perhaps and perhaps not. But at least when we become involved in our society we are trying to establish some modicum of hope for the future.

Granted, not many agree on what that future should look like, but we can agree on the fact that all we really want is a future of health and kindness for our offspring and for ourselves. We would like a world without war and hate, without disease and disaster, without trials and tribulations. Yet realistically none of that can happen. But it is a hope.

We are not insouciant about the future, when we acknowledge that Imagine is simply a song and that it does not reflect real life. Yet we do our jobs as citizens of the world when we realize that such a song is about hope, and that as long as we have hope, as long as we have a purpose, there is a concern for the future; even if the only hopeful action we take when we try to make this a better world is to raise children that recycle.



*Author’s note: I chose this word for “I,” simply because I found it fun how it rolls off the tongue.

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3 Responses to I, insouciant

  1. Miss Andi says:

    It’s an awesome word, I also like it’s more popular sister, non-chalant 😉
    You’ve touched so many important points there from discipline to democracy, my head’s buzzing! Thanks for this thought -provoking poast!
    Volunteer in Damyanti’s D Company of the #atozchallenge


  2. floridamom says:

    I love what music can do for us. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this (and really, I forgot about it). I should keep it handily bookmarked for when I need an emotional pick-me-up. Thanks for posting it.



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