N, nice

Keeping with my theme of choosing a positive path, this day’s letter N is for nice. Seriously, how hard is it to be nice? Now that does not mean you have to take nonsense from mean people, or take yourself for granted, or debase yourself and your own well-being, but why oh why do we not choose to be nice simply as a way to be?  Smile at a stranger. Play with a child. Hug a pet. Enjoy a flower. Give to charity….these are just a few ways of being nice.

Yes, it is very similar to random acts of kindness. But it is more than actions. Being nice is the way  you think, feel, and how your brain functions. It is the first thing you do upon waking and the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. Being nice is best, basically because mean people simply suck.

Being nice its a way of life…

Try it for awhile. It WILL make you a happier person.




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3 Responses to N, nice

  1. In my own words says:

    Sometimes I pray that I have more opportunities to be nice or to be aware of those times when I can be nice(r). You can make someone’s day just by offering a kind word or taking time to listen to a person. There is a person at the local grocery store that talks your ear off when you ask him how he’s doing. However, I get the impression that he’s not received well so I purposely listen as long as he needs me to. Found you through the A to Z Challenge. http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com


    • Elise Ronan says:

      Most don’t have patience for someone who lacks social awareness. It takes a very nice person to understand how to be kind in these situations. Kudos to you to seek him out and give him what he needs. Blessings.


  2. Debby says:

    I like being nice.


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