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I write a blog called Raising Asperger’s Kids. Its a journey through the ups and downs of raising a child on the autism spectrum. Along with my recounting of our very interesting lives, I provide parents with some very practical advice that I have gleaned from over more than two decades on this journey. Check out the side bar, after you link to the above mentioned blog, for topic specific issues.

It is important to remember that what works for aspies can also work with any child with any kind of learning disability. These issues are so overlapping it is important NOT to discount anything simply because it may be used for people with a different developmental or learning difference than your child or even you.

Meanwhile in keeping with the P theme, I am going to link to an older version of my aspergers themed writings (from my original url, before I decided to create autism blog 2.0) about what happened when my youngest son was learning to play the piano

Thinking like an Aspie, or the Real Use for a Piano



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2 Responses to P, piano

  1. My wife that has worked with kids and grownups with autism, always says: treat every one as a different human being, because no two are alike.

    I will show her your blog..
    Thank you for sharing,


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