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From the moment you are born you constantly ask questions…much to the consternation of adults at times. It is human curiosity. That great, motivating factor that has allowed humanity to vault from the cave to space. Not that there hasn’t been societal forces at work to stop some of the questioners over time. The challenged authorities  created laws and punishments for those who went against the grain. Excommunication, imprisonment and fire were their methods to quell dissent. But humanity kept asking questions, and kept demanding their answers.But once again, questions have taken a very bad turn….

Today you loose your job, your right to an education, your standing in society for questioning the wrong political persuasion or ideology, unless of course your hate turns against the Jews. (Antisemitism around the world) So once again, the only safe port of ignorant vitriol is the age old hate of antisemitism. If you think this is incorrect, remember that the only nation in the world that consistently has its existence questioned and its people threatened with genocide is Israel. So what makes Israel different than any other nation?

And it has become the de rigieur talking point of the campus and educational elite, and political Left….

There are no safe spaces for Jewish students on campus. The head of the British student union is a virulent antisemite who elicited applause when she condemned Holocaust Remembrance Day and stopped a condemnation of ISIS as Islamaphobic. California is so concerned about the growth of antisemitism on its state run college campuses that it has held meetings in order to define antisemitism for its student body.

Fascist authority comes into play when you are prevented from asking questions. Whether it is the absolutists of the right or the left that refuses to respect the question. When it is the use of an all consuming political correctness that prevents a question from being asked; When it is an all consuming political correctness that singles out one people and one people alone with unreachable standards; When under political correctness you are punished for asking the question or demanding your rights, then we are no longer living in a free society.

Freedom once lost is lost forever…


This is a test for when you know you are being antisemitic. HERE

Judeophobia: Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism






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