T, texting


That short, quipped, easily misunderstood version of speech, which destroys your ability to spell properly. But the only way your teenager, adolescent, moody, grumpy young adult child will actually interact with you.

At least when they  answer the texts you know they are still alive.

Especially when they text from another room that they are hungry and want you to make them food because they are too busy texting with important people, like their friends.

Of course, you only get answered texts because you have threatened them with cutting off their allowance.

I guess it’s still better than those obnoxious eye rolls and body slump, which purport to show you how stupid your future adult child thinks you are.

People promised me that eventually it gets better. And yes it does. That obnoxious-teen-attitude slows down and eventually they learn that if they want food, they have to ask you nicely in person or go hungry.

Modern life is very interesting, isn’t it?




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