From a Mouse’s Perspective

The cupboard is his favorite place. There are so many unseen goodies in there. He  lives in the hole behind the cupboard and this makes him just soooo happy. Crumbs galore. He doesn’t understand why the humans never clean them up. But lucky for him that they don’t.

His favorite place to sit and munch is right behind the box of graham cracker cookies. He especially likes the sweet little cinnamon sugar topping. It makes his nose tickle and he giggles.

One of the fun things that he gets to do as he sits and munches away is to watch the humans as they go about their daily living. He especially watches as the one called, “Mom,” changes from a bit of a grump to a happy person. He thinks it has something to do with the brown liquid she pours herself before everyone else wakes up.It’s fun to watch her as she takes her first sip and simply let’s out this great big sigh of happiness. Mouse understands that sigh. he too, sighs when he is happy about his food and drink.

Then there is the person called Dad, who seems to always be running late and air kisses Mom on his way out of the house. Maybe he is late because he has to wear those funny clothes with that string around his neck. The mouse thinks that if he would just wear clothes he likes, he would seem happier going where he is supposed to go…this place called work… he might not be late and he might actually give mom a good sloppy wet kiss before he left. Of course, being a Mouse, he doesn’t have to ever wear clothes, so he doesn’t understand the human fascination with clothes in the first place. But if they have to wear clothes, why not wear something you like?

The kids come running down the stairs. As Mom tells them the school bus will be here soon and that they need to eat breakfast. The girl, Sarah, rolls her eyes at Mom, every-time Mom says something. Sarah always seems mad. Mouse doesn’t know what she’s mad at, but he thinks it has something to do with Mom. Mom isn’t even allowed to say anything to Sarah before Sarah starts to ignore her and walk away. Sarah does not want to listen and never eats breakfast. Mouse wonders how anyone could be happy without food. But Sarah chooses to go without every morning. It’s probably why Sarah yells so much.

Bobby, the brown-haired little boy, the one who the Mouse’s graham crackers are really for, just sits in his chair and eats his cereal. He ignores the yelling between Mom and Sarah and just laughs at something he thinks about in his head. Mouse can tell that Bobby thinks Mom and Sarah are being silly. Bobby also seems only interested in his dolls. Bobby particularly likes the boy doll that wears a red cape. He likes to pretend that it can fly and sometimes climbs on his chair to make the doll fly in the air. Bobby doesn’t have to go to the schoolbus yet. Mom takes him to his nursery school, whatever that is.

So as soon as Bobby is finished eating, Mom packs them up and off they go out of the house. Mouse likes this time the most, when all the people are out of the house. He gets to scamper out of the cupboard and check out all the crumbs left over from breakfast. Mom never has time to clean up the kitchen before they run out of the house to get Bobby to that place he has to go.One day he even tried some of Mom’s brown liquid and has absolutely no idea why she looks forward to it every morning.

When Mouse is done filling his tummy, he heads back to his hiding place in the cupboard, in the hole behind the graham cracker cookies and waits for the next enjoyable meal and the entertainment from his humans.



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