Boom. Crash. An explosion of sound, welcoming in the new fresh air of spring. Knowing that the rains bring green, flowers, and an earth sprung back to life. Terrific, noise that shakes the foundations of the house. Heralding in a sprawling, dangerous, yet exciting storm across the plains. Life at its most beautiful. Nature at its most dangerous.

Walking in a thunder storm. With the rain falling on your head. A smile on your face. Simply glad to be alive. Singing. Laughing. Enjoying the wonders of the universe.

Knowing that you are not afraid of bowling dwarves or falling asleep for 20 years. But laying awake in bed, waiting for the next crash of clouds. The dogs howl. The children cry. Everyone in your bed at night. You are the safe harbor for them all.


About Elise "Ronan"

#JewishandProud ...
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