Book Review: Infamy by Robert K. Tanenbaum

infamy-by-robert-k-tanenbaumA new edition in Robert K. Tanenbaum’s Ciampi-Karp saga is out. Infamy is an exciting legal thriller. Drawn from today’s geopolitical headlines, we find our hero, New York District Attorney Butch Karp, and his wife Marlene Ciampi, enmeshed in a black ops program that more than meets the eye. From the battlefields of ISIS held Iraq, to the oil rich gulf Arab states, and then on to the halls of power and prestige in the nation’s capital, Karp, uses his knowledge and influence to fight on the side of justice, and patriotism. For what is truly at stake this time, is the Republic, the underpinnings of the US Constitution, itself.

Our cast of characters looms large. Most of our favorites that we have grown to love return to ply their trades and fight the good fight for honor, duty and country. Whether we are dealing with assassins, Russian gangsters, army rangers, or counterterror units, the reader is propelled into a world of backroom deals, quiet diplomacy, and the not so quiet war on terror. We listen and learn as the hunters become the prey and the legal system, with all its flaws and issues, rules the day.

Karp is able to ferret out the true story behind the assassination of high level army rangers. He gets help from an intrepid keenly astute reporter and a friend from the old neighborhood. Karp begins to add up facts and situations to piece together an unbelievable tale of avarice, evil, and the pursuit of power for powers sake. The end result of which, is no less than the betrayal of the very country in which they all reside. Freedom is not the watchword of those political and corporate elites at the center of this tale, but greed and domination rule their psyches.

Tanenbaum weaves between nighttime raids, modern day politics and national security issues. You can almost see the political elites as they beg, borrow and steal their way to power. You see the practiced politicos manipulate a media, which so desperately wants to be manipulated. You can hear the disdain for the masses in the voices on Capitol Hill and the West Wing. The reader can see the truth in the old saying “while power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” He makes the reader believe that the story could be more than mere fiction.

While it helps to have read the earlier books in the series, simply to have the back stories on all the characters and what the underlying current in the tangled web of deceits actually means between the parties, it is not necessary in order to enjoy this book. It depends on no past inference in order to understand the interplay between characters. The story can stand on its own

Infamy is afterall, at its core, a courtroom drama; complete with deals, legal issues and the lead up to a crescendo of evidence, which finally pulls the rug out from under a sociopathic global pirate. Karp is at his legal best and it is Tanenbaum’s understanding of the inner workings of a courtroom that help the reader place themselves at the center of the action. The author makes the courtroom a fast paced, hard fought, and engaging arena. While the reader is hoping for a particular outcome, for justice is always the preferred ending, the truth of the matter will come as a surprise. Or maybe not such a surprise to the more politically jaded among you.



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