Book Review: The Candidate, A Newsmakers Novel by Lis Wiehl

The United States is in the middle of a Presidential election season.

There are several candidates vying for this nation’s highest office.

The latest debate is set to begin.

Then a bomb explodes killing a popular candidate and his wife.

Fingers are pointed. The experts chime in. But this is not a typical attack. There are unseen forces at work, which have a diabolical plan to control the United States through the oval office.

So begins Lis Wiehl’s latest foray into mystery, intrigue, and international politics. The Candidate introduces the reader to Mike Ortiz. War hero. Survivor of al-Qaeda imprisonment. Congressman. The first  Hispanic-American to come within reach of the US Presidency. At Ortiz’s side is his charming, elegant, brilliant billionaire wife Celeste. She guides, supports and helps her husband in his quest for public service.

But something is not right. And Erica Sparks, investigative journalist, can sense that all is not well in the Ortiz campaign. After surviving the terrorism that killed a presidential candidate, Erica moves full steam ahead with her quest to find the truth. But Erica, too, has her own demons to contend with. Divorced from her cheating ex-husband, she is juggling single motherhood, an absent fiancée, and a demanding career. A career, by the way, that places, not only her life, but the life of her daughter in jeopardy.

The reader is propelled through the number crunching boardrooms of national news networks, to the power halls of Washington DC, to the elegant salons of millionaire power brokers, and into the back alleys, and dangerous roads of war riddled Iraq. From a prison encampment near Baghdad, Erica learns that not every enemy of the United States is a religious fanatic, and the truth of what happened there to Mike Ortiz, sends a chilling reminder that not everything in international politics is as it seems. The answer Erica finds is not what anyone would expect, and the enemy is closer to home than anyone would realize.

Lis Wiehl presents us with an interesting quandary. While we as a nation are obsessed with a barbaric terrorist enemy, are there really more subtle, more dangerous, more circumspect, and more intelligently hidden enemies out there wanting, waiting, and working toward doing the US harm?

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