On Words: Alternative Facts and Narratives…Lies, lies and damned lies

An important part of reading comprehension is determining what a fact is and what an opinion is. To understand more completely, let’s define each. A fact is a statement that is true and can be verified objectively, or proven. In other words, a fact is true and correct no matter what. An opinion, however, is a statement that holds an element of belief; it tells how someone feels. An opinion is not always true and cannot be proven. In education, children as young as kindergarten engage in conversation about fact and opinion. Why is this skill important enough to teach? Let’s take a closer look.  Study.com

Fake News, Opinionating Facts, Self-Deception and Demagoguery of Ideas

Post-Truth, and the Unbearable Lightness of Being Ridiculous


I am not certain why this subject keeps coming up.

Simply put “bullshit is bullshit,” and a thinking person needs to keep their antennae attuned for it day and night. But this is nothing new. A truly thinking person has been dissecting politicians’ words for not only the eight years of BHO, but for the eight years of Bush43 as well.

Meanwhile, I am not certain why the media, journalists, pundits, or anyone else for that matter, gives in to this Trump nonsense. There are ways to fact check a President’s statement without running around screaming “the sky is falling,” because the man said something stupid, or blatantly way off base.

Granted you don’t want a nonsensical statement by the President, or his acolytes, to go unchallenged, since that might in the end lead some to believe in its veracity. Yet on the other hand, if you highlight every time a person in power lies, then all you will do is live on Politifacts or Snopes or The Washington Post Fact Checker.

We know that the Obama administration lied about the Iran Deal and Obamacare. Ben Rhodes gleefully let everyone know how he manipulated these young, untested individuals that like to call themselves journalists, into being simply an echo chamber for Obama’s foreign and domestic policy.

Not one journalist actually got angry about Rhodes’ manipulation. It was fine as far as they were concerned that they were used, abused, and made to look the fool. Afterall, it was in service to a greater good. A greater good defined by them as anything to do with a progressive-Leftist agenda. Yet, that is not what their job is supposed to be about.

Now the MSM is screaming when ever anyone from Trump’s administration opens their mouth. Well, in that respect I can’t blame them. Playing fast and loose with the truth is dangerous when you are in a position of power. But then again, why wasn’t it dangerous before?

The idea that journalists have suddenly discovered that their job is to actually review, pick apart, destroy anything coming out of the mouth of the White House press secretary is a breath of fresh air. Heck, journalists suddenly got the idea of what is meant by “free press,” and that they are a bulwark against  politicians, not their enablers. Finally, our young journalists have become WOKE to the notion of what their job truly happens to be.

Same with the Constitution. The Left has suddenly found the three branches of government, and they are screaming about executive over reach. Some have just filed a lawsuit against Trump based upon the emoluments clause of the Constitution. They are pledging in videos to protect and defend the Constitution. Didn’t see them thinking that dissent was the greatest form of patriotism while Obama was in the Oval Office.

I remember the Left using the IRS to attack anyone who had a different political bent than the Obama administration.  The IRS was sued and in fact so far has lost in court. So the Obama administration used the most powerful arm of the federal government to silence its critics. Here is an example of fascist. The WOKE journalists should really take note of these actual facts. Not post-truth or alternative facts, but factual facts.

Truth is we are in an interesting time when it comes to words.

Not an Orwellian time as some would have you believe. We don’t have a Big Brother, as much as some would want you to go running to the nearest fallout shelter would have you believe. Goebbels is not coming for you, and there are no police in jackboots knocking down your door. (Except be careful what you put in interoffice memos at Google.) Your life is generally going to go on as before.

World War 3 is not on the offing. Nobody wants that. Not China. Not Russia. Not the dictators around the world. It would upend their little amalgamation of power, and probably put the US right back on top as the only superpower, where it needs to be. So no. Our enemies will rattle their sabers, and rattle their cages, and then secretly shut up and go on just as they have been for decades.

Genocide is not going to happen, anymore than it happened under Obama….Syria has been an on going tragedy that no one, not the Obama administration, not the UN, not the EU, has done anything about. Now Iran is Moving Shia into ethnically cleansed Sunni areas to help Assad stay in power. Not a word from any of our foreign friends. They also have conveniently ignored the horrors being perpetrated in Africa by Boko Haram. The world has also forgotten about the depth of depravity in Venezuela, and the human rights abuses in the gulf oil states, as well as in Iran…

But these Woke corrupt foreign officials did manage to condemn Jewish rights to their holiest site in Jerusalem, and Jews building on their historical ancestral lands, won by the way, in a defensive war. So goodie for all of those hypocrites, haters, and back stabbers in the foreign affairs political arena. They have each earned a gold star in the antisemite oneupmanship brigade.

Wonder where the truth corps was then? Wonder where was the fear of Big Brother when we turned to the dictators and theocracies of the UN to help the US with this disastrous foreign policy. Wonder where was the fear when the Obama administration elevated the United Nations to an organization that is above and beyond our own Constitution.

Moreover, in talking about alternative facts, that ridiculous Women’s March last weekend, takes the lead. Needlesstosay, it did not address any of these human rights concerns of third world women such as fgm, forced marriage, honor murders, guardianship or even the fact that for most Moslem women in the world hijabs are not optional, but mandatory. The deluded marchers ironically put on hijabs, a sign of repression and oppression to Moslem feminists, pretending that it was somehow a sign of freedom. That was perhaps an act even stupider than wearing vagina costumes.

These women marchers wore asinine pussy cat hats, and marched in proper Leftists lock step, as if somehow, suddenly, we were all going to be transported into the realm of The Handmaid’s Tale simply because we have a “pig” as President. And no I don’t say misogynist. Some of Trump’s top advisors are women, Ivanka and KellyAnne Conway. He is simply an equal opportunity pig when you don’t agree with him, that is all. As if he was the only “pig” in modern times to ever inhabit the Oval Office too…Bill Clinton, JFK anyone?

Truth is that telling a whopper has become a cost effective way to get a message across. In fact in modern politics lieing has been turned into an art form. They can call them post-truth, or alternative facts, it is the same thing.

Just remember that alternative facts and post-truth are not real things. It’s merely a term of ideology depending on your political bent. Republicans say alternative facts, while Leftists say post-truth.

Both are simply another name for “narrative.”

Narrative is what you believe, but that doesn’t make it true.

Narratives are all the rage on the Left.

Narratives have been effective for conveying ideas, programs, thoughts, and Leftist concepts for decades.

Narrative nonsense has helped the radical Left foment opposition to the United States’ founding principles, capitalism, and even the US Bill of Rights…think  hatred of guns and the gun lobby, despite the reality that crime, even mass shootings, are way down. Sadly, except for in Chicago.

Maybe in truth, people should help Chicago for awhile, turn from alternative facts and post-truth narratives, and try to stop that carnage that is destroying so many lives right here in the United States.

Meanwhile, did the Left really think the Right wouldn’t pick up on “narrative’s” usefulness and success story?

“What is good for the goose is good for the gander,” they say.

But it is also good to remember that both, the goose and gander, can end up roasted for dinner eventually.












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