Book Review: Mangrove Lightning by Randy Wayne White

Years ago I went on vacation to a rather lovely spot in Florida called Fort Myers, Sanibel Island. I had no idea that it actually had a very sordid, and lurid history surrounding prohibition, gun running, and slavery. I guess the old adage that you learn something new everyday needs to be remembered, and remembered well.

mangrove_lightning_360hcRandy Wayne White writes a terrific crime series based upon the exploits of his dark protagonist Doc Ford. A biologist with some crazy skill sets, which he obviously did not learn in the confines of a lab. Along with Ford’s near-do-well associate, they uncover some grizzly and gruesome realities about the era of flappers, Al Capone, and illegal Chinese immigration. It all comes back to haunt them in the series latest thriller Mangrove Lightning.

The adventure begins in the Bahamas as Ford chases a child pornographer, then skips to rescuing a British royal, before he comes back to his old haunts on Sanibel Island where he ends up saving his lost lady love. Along the way, interest is peaked in a decades old murder of a lawman and his family, the federal government regulation of protected land, and a modern day chase of a serial killer. You are welcomed into a world that very few actually know exists, never mind the fact that very few in our modern society even want to bother to venture through.

It is murky. It is unpleasant. And yes, at times, it is very sad.

It is also a question of the occult, of spirits, of the possession by evil.

Within the story itself,  are twists and turns galore for any thrill reader and crime aficionado. There is none stop action. Moreover, there is no guessing as to the outcome. It doesn’t end the way you think it should end. It is real life, and not everything is always wrapped up in neat little boxes.

If you enjoy books dedicated to the  “thrill of the hunt.” This book is for you.


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