Book Review: AYURVEDA-Lifestyle Wisdom by Acharya Shunya

If you are looking for an interesting book that will help you in revamping your healthcare, eating habits, exercise regime, and even your sex life, then the book by Acharya Shunya, AYUREVEDA- Lifestyle Wisdom, is for you. Based upon the Indian prescription, and 5,000 year old ancient religious practices, known as the “knowledge of life,” this book promotes  “vigorous and 82204c_262311825e694bebb902e8b375d405ddmv2joyful health consciousness.”  The author discusses the natural aspects of  life, the seasons, and our “lifestyle clock.” Her goal is to help you tune into your own essential rhythms.

What is interesting about this book, is that it reminds me of the order of the rhythms of life upon which all ancient belief systems are based. There is a respect, and an understanding of how the Earth works. We learn how we may incorporate that knowledge into our existence so that we are able to find out  what is truly best for ourselves.

This book allows us to explore how to make ourselves into healthier, happier human beings as we recognize the world around us. Interestingly, what this book brought to mind was that so much of this ancient wisdom is not unlike the daily exercises and rules that are a part of any western religion such as Judaism, Christianity or Islam. There is a beat to the world, and this book helps you embrace that flow.

The book begins with a discussion of early morning wakefulness. What time you should wake, preferably before the sun comes up, so you can greet the dawn with the “sun salutations.” If you have ever taken yoga this discussion will be very familiar. But what struck me here, is the prescription for prayer. Remember, the sun salutation in reality is part of a prayer regime, that we in the west have decided to ignore. Again I heard the call of our monotheistic forbearers, where every morning, to this very day, practicing Jews, Moslems and Christians rise early to say morning prayer. We are reminded of the ancient wisdom of the need to awake early in order to basically welcome, and great the day with joy.

There is a discussion about natural eating, sleep cycles, sexual desire, and beauty/hygiene rituals. This is an all-encompassing look into our own day-to-day world. The author gently challenges us to analyze simply what we are doing wrong in our own lives, and she then gives us a prescription so that we can positively change for the better. There is a discussion about the coalescence of Ayurveda and modern day science. Simply put, the author proves that her method really does work in a very contemporary sense.

Moreover, the sacred is very much a part of this regime. The purveyor learns to understand what is holy, and special about the world in which we live. You learn to appreciate your own importance, and to give to yourself the right to be part of the world. You are taught the essence of listening to your own soul, your body clock, that little inner voice, telling you that you matter.

This book points you in the right direction to teach you how to bring yourself back into focus with the natural world.

In the appendix you find some wonderful nourishing recipes for food that will not only make you feel better, but will help you sleep, and even up your hygiene regime. You will learn about the positive aspects of spices, legumes, and tea. You will understand how sleep schedules and seasonal cycles work, and what they necessitate. Basically everything your doctor has been telling you to do for years, is right here at your fingertips. It is all easily explained and mapped out.

The question is whether you, the reader, are ready to embrace the change.


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