On Writing: Time, Dreams, Yearnings, Hope

They say timing is everything. But maybe its finding the time that is the problem, not timing per se. You need to decide what is, and is not important. You need to decide what do you really want to accomplish? Then you need to decide simply…what is it that you want to say.source

But first, let’s talk about time. Not so much time for just writing, even though that does seem to be a problem lately. But time in general.

Time is a visceral object. It is something anyone can touch and manipulate. No I am not talking about time travel, even though that would be fun I think. And no I do not need to go on a tangent and discuss time paradoxes, or loops, at this moment, even though a discussion on those topics always leads to animated discussions.

I am talking about time as something you can use to your benefit. Yes, yes, yes, there is only so much time in a day, yada yada yada. But that day can be scheduled, primed, puffed and primped to fit whatever you need to do into those 24 hours, and yes, you even get to sleep. Well a little bit maybe.

Time is something quantifiable. Meaning we know how much we have of it. We have the 24 hour clock, with about 8 hours (if we are lucky) of sleep. Within that time period we have to eat, dress, work, clean our houses, grocery shop, and then figure out what to do with our leisure period.

Without a doubt, if you are like me, you don’t really have a leisure period of simply sitting. You need to be busy all the “time.” So then instead of leisure, let’s call it productive time. As opposed to what you have to do to pay the bills, which is work, or the running of your household. Something you do because it has to be done in order to have the time to do what you really want to do.

No not “time to follow your passions.”

It is so cliched to say “time to follow your passion.” For some people their work is their passion. So no, it is not about creating time for your passion. But time for you to do what it is that brings you joy, or hope, or fulfills a desire.  And yes, for some that is work. For their desire is to be rich, and for some they can never be rich enough. (Sadly that is a sickness we can discuss at another time as well)

You need to ask yourself, exactly what is it that you desire? And no “50 Shades of Grey” metaphors here please. I talk about real desires, real hopes and real needs. Remember, as the more subdued women among us  point out, if Christian Grey lived in a trailer park, instead of being a billionaire, what he does in those books would land him in prison…..

Sometimes feminists, even the third and fourth wave feminists, with their inane “intersectionality,” and “cultural relativism” that leaves behind the most needy of all women, third world women, do have it right. Again, another subject for another time, too. (These off kilter topics do seem to be adding up. So much for the proficient use of my time.)

So once, you have set down your time periods, okay let’s call it “a schedule,” then what?  Did you find time to write? More importantly, did you find time to dream? Did you find time to explore? Did you find time to amuse yourself with your thoughts, hopes, and yearnings? Did you find time to play with your life, and allow yourself joy?

Now writing is dreaming in a way. It also takes time if done properly. It is an adventure that we don’t necessarily dare ourselves to develop in our  awakened world. We have our dreams, our stories, our thoughts to put down on paper (parchment or digital) that push us in a direction that we need, want, pine, to go.

Did you give yourself time to flush out all the aspects of your dream? Did you explore the colors of the flowers, the sun, the sea, and the wind? Did you obsess too much about the wrong prong of your journey, leaving vulnerable the ultimate destruction of your story?

Did you take the time to dream through where your thoughts are going, and how they should be permanently fixed? Or did you give yourself permission to dissimulate, and promise to seek the answers that you know are hidden far into the reaches of your subconscious. Did you incorporate all your ideas from the nether regions hidden behind the mask that is your soul?

Ask yourself:

How brave are you really?

Do you even dare?

What is it that you would do with your productive time?

Think about that before you begin.




But of course, first we must start with our time.

What to do with it. How to shape it.

Remember time in and of itself, is not our enemy. An empty dream is our own worst enemy. Having no place to go. No desires. No wants. No human thoughts. No human need for persistence. No hope.

We all need hope.

Especially in our dreams.

Find the time to hope within your dreams.

Do not let the hope die. Then dreams will die. Once our dreams die, all that we are as humans die as well, whether, within, or without time.

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