Book Review: Fitter Faster by Robert J. Davis with Brad Kolowich, Jr

Spring has sprung and it’s soon swimsuit season. After having eaten your way through winter, you decide it’s time to PANIC. Well, calm down and grab a copy of Fitter Faster by Robert Davis and Brad Kolowich. Here the authors lay out a very doable plan to help 71wb3x4unulyou jump start your fitness regime.

Nothing they suggest you do is cumbersome and they are not judgemental. The authors outline “a smart way to get in shape in just minutes a day.” And no, they do not promise  you that you are going to spend 10 minutes a day exercising, and end up looking like a Victoria Secrets model. But they will help you create a plan for yourself so that you can end up healthy, happy, and be the best that you can be.

The authors discuss eating and how to get the most out of your diet. They don’t starve you, but turn you on to foods that benefit your body. They teach the reader how to eat and when to eat.

They discuss that heart muscle and put to rest some old wives tales. They talk about the biggest curse of our era, and that is sitting all day long. They point out how even the simplest change in the way we live our lives can have a lasting beneficial effect and they tell you why.

You are taught the benefits of good gear. The right gear does make a difference. If for nothing else it prevents injury. Listen, having the right sneakers keeps you from hurting your legs, your feet, and very importantly your knees. They take the reader through the latest fads, and discuss what you should and should not buy.

The authors discuss how to make exercising fun as they outline which type of exercise might just be for you. They go through popular forms of cardio with an eye to making sure that you will stick with the program.They help you be realistic in your approach and your goals.

Then in the end, they outline for you beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise programs from weight training, to cardio, to strength, to the latest HIIT (high intensity interval training) and plyometrics, beginning with that all important stretch. You choose the level you want to work at, as you follow their seven day chart. Don’t worry on the seventh day you get to rest.

If you are a beginner, even if you are advanced, this book will jump start any program and turn your old bored program into something new again.


The book is available May 11.

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