Book Review: One Minute Mentoring By Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Have you ever realized that you needed a mentor, but had no idea how to find one? Have you ever been asked to be a mentor, but had no idea how to proceed, or thought you didn’t have the time? Well here is a book, One Minute Mentoring, that will give you a good head start. Written as a holistic empowering approach to mentoring, the authors, Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortiz, provide the reader with a simple program of thought provoking, and identifiable issues.

81cn6hxqzklUsing a situationable approach, the authors employs scenarios in which any mentor, or individual, may find themselves. They then give simple questions that will cause you to “pause, reflect and learn,” from the settings. Blanchard and Diaz-Ortiz challenge the reader to ask themselves and then find the answers as to why they think they cannot be a mentor; what exactly is a mentor; and what kind of mentor would they become?

The reader is taught about mission statements. What they are, and how to make them workable and realistic.

You learn how the  relationship is an essential part of a mentor-mentee association. Then you are given tools to help you figure out how to go about strengthening your rapport with others.

You are taught the importance of introspection, and above all communicating the truth. An essential aspect of a mentor-mentee relationship is to be able to engage successfully. Here the authors help you review your own progress, and help you grow and develop so that your interactions will be successful for everyone concerned.

The entire book is geared toward learning the M-E-N-T-O-R model.

M- Mission

E- Engagement

N- Network

T- Trust

O- Opportunity

R- Review and Renewal

Mentoring provides an individual, and any company, with a successful business model, that can actually be used in your day-to-day communications and relationships. It is an interesting program that is geared toward personal and professional success.

This book is available May 2.

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