Book Review: The Chiron Confession by Thomas Greanias

If you love all things Ancient Rome, and are simultaneously drawn to the historical account of the birth of Christianity, The Chiron Confession, by Thomas Greanias, is for you. The reader is brought into  this dangerous time period of double dealing, political machinations, and the rise of an outcast Church. Filled with meticulously researched historical information, this book allows you to experience the tumult and excitement that was Rome during the time of the Flavians.

cover108376-mediumRome is before you. You walk her streets. You meet her people. You are privy to her joys. You see her faults.  And all is not well. A secret society haunts the alleyways and byways of Rome. This secret society plans and plots the overthrow of the Empire. This secret society seeks the destruction of  Caesar…Or does it?

Rome claims these violent acts are committed on behalf of a Christian sect. Yet such violence is very unchristian according to the early Church. Are these perpetrators true followers of Christ, or are they something else?

Are they even real, or are they a simple malevolent political tool of the Empire? Is this group, known as the Dei,  merely part of “bread and circuses,” used to pacify and coddle the ever growing Roman mob, or is this secret society, this Dei, truly out to create Christ’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth anyway it can?

Only a young playwright, thrown into the political turmoil of his day, can find the answers to these questions. It is he who is scapegoated as an enemy of Rome. It is he who finds the answers and proves to be the arm of prophecy. It is his journey that takes the reader throughout the Empire. It is he who brings us to the last apostle, to the outlaying Churches, and to understanding the divisions that would eventually destroy the great Roman Empire.

Based upon actual historical events, Thomas Greanais,  has written a thought provoking book, that is at the same time a spy thriller, a murder mystery, and political drama all rolled into one.

This book is available May 16.

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