On Words: Hypocrisy

Where to actually begin? Let’s start with a definition for this column. Hypocrisy, “do as I say not as I do”…..There are people in this world who like to tell others how to live, what to think, and how to behave. Funny though, these self-same ethicists and do-gooders, somehow conclude that their rules for others don’t apply to them. No, I am not talking about politicians. In truth we all just assume they are liars. The hypocrisy that is most apparent in today’s world comes from the mouths of  pundits, and activists.

Not journalists mind you…of course I am not certain how many true journalists still exist. They think they are journalists, but with each passing day they inject their own political vitriol into their “reporting.” They look for facts to support their suppositions, rather than letting the facts lead them to a conclusion. Somewhat like some scientists who to garner grant money or tenure  hypothesize, and then manipulate the data, to make their theories pan out. (No I am not talking about climate change) Nothing is really truthful here. It is more conjecture, bread and circuses, and blatant disregard for the average person. Just look how often, and wrong, the government food pyramid has been over the past 30 years, or how decades of bad science on autism destroyed people and families, and you will understand what I mean by scientists finding facts for their theories.

So we, the populace, are left trying to figure out what is happening and where we are being led. If you choose to not be led around like a cow to slaughter deciphering the truth is a job you must do. Yes, it requires forethought, analysis, and the ability to think outside the box, if you are to find the real truths. And no, this isn’t a screed in support of the Alex Joneses of the world or the tin foil hat brigade. There is a huge chasm between conspiracy theorists, and knowing someone is trying to yank your chain.

But back to hypocrisy. Pundits who constantly prattle on about the Left or the Right. They demonize the fellow sitting next to them. They dehumanize, they disregard, and they work to destroy the other. They declare on the steps of the Capital that we are now at war with the majority or the minority in Congress. That we need to be part of a “Resistance.” That the world is collapsing into itself.

I can’t even begin to discuss how self-important and ahistorical this nonsense really is. Suffice it to say, that there is nothing so egocentric as to declare that you are a “resistance” member in a democratic society. To be part of a real resistance is to risk  banishment, imprisonment, and death at the hands of the powerful. Resistance brings up visions of the Partisans who fought the Nazis, those sent to the Gulags by the Soviets, those political prisoners still languishing in Cuba, and those newly arrested in Venezuela.

In the USA the only thing you risk in being part of the resistance, when you protest peacefully, is a sunburn. If you choose to be violent, to destroy property, to shoot at people, or attack first responders, you will go to prison where you belong. Ironically, these nonsensical child-like “resistance” egocentrics, ignore those who are truly in danger in the world, while they cackle on about lattes, iPhones, and pink pussy hats. Meanwhile, you can also hear the occasional Jew-hate mantra masked as intersectional progressive politics thrown in. Afterall, how can you have a move toward world-wide freedoms if you can’t disenfranchise the Jews in the end?

The sad reality is that these hypocrites, who have never actually visited a nation that is run as a real autocracy, oligarchy, or theocratic dictatorship, carry on that democracy is in danger, because their side lost an election. They forget that in a democracy sometimes your side looses. You don’t cry into your skinny cocktail when that happens. You figure out how the election was lost, and then you try to fix the problem. You don’t blame everyone but yourselves.

In a democracy people are going to disagree. It is the nature of the beast. Apart from the groups that want to enslave or deport people of different ethnic extractions, a minority not a majority of the country by the way, how the US moves forward is being discussed by people of good nature and mostly good character. I say mostly, because all humans are fallible, and no one is perfect.

Arguments on the trajectory of the nation do not mean one side is evil and the  other side angelic. It means, quite frankly, that you simply have different and opposing viewpoints. Nothing new in the annals of US political history-think Adams versus Jefferson. Even the delegitimization of ideas is nothing new in the US. But what is new is the fact that our arguments have devolved to the point where simple party politics makes a person anathema to humanity. And yes, words and politics did bring about a horrendous civil war during our adolescence. But the question you need to ask yourselves, is why would anyone in today’s day and age want to risk something so horrid again? Why do you give succor and support to those that want to “burn the entire political arena down?”

When you promote a hateful rhetorical tsunami, then what you get is violence. The verbosity by the activist and pundits ratchets up, and then they are “shocked, shocked I tell you,” that a person who is half-kilter goes and shoots at those that have been demonized. It seems they conveniently forget that murderous national philosophies didn’t start with killing, but with words.

Meanwhile, the hypocrites who started all the conundrum now talk about a kinder gentler politics. One where we can agree to disagree with aplomb and respect. Where those who have pushed multiple agendas that dictates otherizing your opposition somehow now want to be the good-fellas that bring this all full circle to kindness.

Nope, you don’t get off that easy. While today you lament the level of discord, today while there is a joint prayer at the beginning of a congressional baseball game, tomorrow it will be business as usual. Take responsibility for your level of vitriol and tone it down. Behave yourselves, even if the “others” do not. Someone needs to be the adult in the room. Someone who is not a hypocrite needs to show everyone else the road to being a grown-up.

Someone, even if it is merely the citizen, needs to stand up and be counted.

Well, We The People, can at least dream…..

We Are a People of Parts, Not a Feeble Lot

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