Book Review: I Know a Secret By Tess Gerritsen

It was the days of the daycare molestation scare in the US. Children prompted by overzealous DAs and psychologists, pointed fingers at the people that were supposed to be their protectors, and accused them of perpetrating a great evil. Overnight parental fears of the monster under the bed became a know-secret-usnational obsession. Twenty years have passed, but somethings are not forgotten. The abused children have supposedly moved on with lives. The criminals have paid their debt to society, or have died in prison. But not all is at is seems. A dark and evil secret lives hidden away, until one day it rears its ugly head. So begins the latest in the Rizzoli and Isles mystery series. I Know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen, is the basis of all of our nightmares.

The book begins with homicides. People are murdered in ritualistic and grotesque ways. No one connects these killings, in fact some are ruled accidents, until one day Dr. Maura Isles sees a clue that she could only have learned in a Catholic Church. But that is not the entire story.

These victims are connected to a tragedy that occurred twenty years earlier. They were all students of an after school day care program that made headlines in a sensational molestation case that overwhelmed the Massachusetts Commonwealth and the nation. These five young people are now connected to double tragedies.

Meanwhile, a horrible miscarriage of justice seems to have found it’s way into the present. But it did not begin as a crime of deviance. It all begins with the disappearance of a nine year old girl, and some not so innocent children. For the children involved are not as pure of heart and soul as adults would like to think.

It takes society awhile to recognize that sociopaths are not suddenly formed from a hit of hormones or an overdose of drugs. Society has learned that this antisocial, diabolical and diseased way of viewing the world is formed in the womb. It is also sometimes perpetuated, and protected, by a mother’s love.

Told from the vantage point of one of the children involved in the molestation case, this latest thriller by Tess Gerritsen is a combination murder mystery, indictment of overzealous and politically ambitious district attorneys, and a look inside the film world’s horror genre. Intertwining these three main ideas the author is able to weave a tale of bullying gone haywire, parental disassociation, and a form of evil that can only be explained as a type of insanity.

Moreover, we are also updated in the latest love lorn escapades of our heroines. Complete with the declarations of a birth mother who just happens to also be a serial killer, the understanding that even men of the cloth are afterall simply human, and the final realization that at middle age, even women are entitled to reach for that brass ring.

This book is available August 15.


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