Lifestyle: TV Review- Seems Americans like the USA and modern Hollywood has finally figured that out

It appears that Hollywood may have actually gotten the memo: Americans not only like their country, but they have respect for the people that put their lives on the line to protect our homeland. Not that we don’t have shows that laude police and firefighters, which have become hit series. We do. But what has always been missing are shows that respect the military, and acknowledge that the war against terror is an honorable mission.

It’s not that people are supposed to be “pro” War on Terror. I’m not actually certain that pro is the right word. I can’t figure any one person who would be “pro” war, but maybe its the idea that they are “pro” reality. Whether we like it or not, there are people who want to murder our children simply because we hold certain ideas of human equality, liberty and freedom; especially allowing women to live their lives as they see fit, and to become anything that they chose to become.

It’s not politically correct to point out that there are fascists who want to destroy our country and our way of life simply because we don’t adhere to their medieval philosophy. But most Americans are not politically correct and they see reality for what it is. These fascists are Islamists who want to destroy our nation because they think they are have been chosen by God to rule over humankind. It is not a hard thing to understand. It is also not a hard thing to understand that they are barbaric. But apparently for years, it was a bad thing to point it out.

The country has also forgotten about the other wars being fought. Specifically the war against the narco states, gun runners, human traffickers, kleptocrats, oligarchs, tyrants, and all manner of  sociopathic individuals. There are many enemies in this world who would destroy our nation, and ruin people’s lives for nothing more than a few dollars.

Well that TV black hole, where positive stories about the military go to die, is kaput.

There are three shows that began this season ,”The Brave” on NBC, “Seal Team” on CBS and “Valor” on the CW, that showcase the people that put themselves on the line for us. We see the military training, the planning and the support from the intelligence community. We see that there are hundreds of people that work daily to keep this nation safe. Now this being Hollywood there always has to be a “love” issue, a “command” issue, and some other dramatic human element, simply because the TV execs think that the aspect of fighting the bad guys isn’t really dramatic enough.

The Brave and Seal Team are good shows with strong characters that actually deal with real world issues. We see how decisions can be made and what goes into a mission. We learn that nothing is done without thought, and care. The audience learns that nothing is as simple as the detractors would have you believe. We see that bravery and heroism do really exist beyond the comic book hero.

Yes, people die. But that is war, and a war that is not of our making. People like to forget what is happening in the world where suicide bombings, and religious slaughter is part of daily existence, and what caused the War on Terror to begin in the first place. Considering the Freedom Tower is right across from the husband’s office, in our family we are reminded everyday why we are at war.

Every side does not have a narrative that is to be respected, and those that wish to destroy or harm the United States are not all oppressed people. They are just evil. Is this too simple for the sophisticated among the audience? Well that is too bad. Sometimes in life there really is good versus bad without any gray. Sometimes in life there really is right and wrong. (Note: If you want to read a political correct trope of inane self righteousness that hits every pc trigger about these pro-military shows read here, but be forewarned, you are going to wonder how the author is able to manage reality with such a debilitating look at life, while simultaneously existing with such a big pole stuck up her behind.)

I have only watched one episode of Valor so no real judgement about that arc. But it seems to be headed in a good direction.

What I am reminded by watching these shows is that out there, among our population, is a select group of people, that live lives that we only read about in thrillers, or watch in movies. They put themselves on the line for us everyday.  It is time we are reminded of their sacrifices. It is time that this nation honors their service and the service of their families, with positive stories about who these people are, and how they actually live the mantra of  “duty, honor and country.”

Watch these shows. It’s worth your time.

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf. – George Orwell



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