Book Review: The Integrity Advantage by Kelley Kosow

Integrity. We think we know what it implies, and how we are supposed to employ it in our everyday lives. But the author Kelley Kosow, in her new book, The Integrity Advantage,  takes the reader on a journey through a new understanding, and expanded definition, of what this word actually means. She challenges us as to how it should be used in our everyday lives.


In fact, the first part of this book reminds me of that famous line from The Princess Bride,

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” — Inigo Montoya

Kosow revamps the definition of integrity. She does not remove the essential part about honesty, but adds to the meaning by making sure that to live with integrity is to be honest about who you are, your foibles, your wishes, and how to give your life a positive make over. She goes beyond the mundane, simplistic idea of integrity to make sure that you listen to that voice inside you that is telling you, “yes, you can.” She identifies the subconscience, or conscience mantras, what she has termed the “Integrity Snatchers,” that hold us back from achieving our best life.

She integrates these ideas into Part Two of her book, by helping you dig deep into your own life in order to exorcise the demons that are holding you back. She has crafted a list of questions, and delved into a process, that while it may be uncomfortable to confront, helps the reader understand not only “the what,” that has been holding you back, but “the why,” as well. She expands the Integrity Process by outlining the “Denial Indulgences” that keep us feeling safe but unfulfilled, and whole.

She then expands this concept by discussing how every person must not only identify the issues, but that they need to choose what to do next. What she has termed the “Forks in the Road.” While we may be able to eventually see for ourselves what is holding us back, many of us get stuck. We are unable to move forward. She has then outlined another process to help the reader get over that debilitating hump in our process of giving ourselves a positive makeover.

Then lastly, Part Three, outlines how to not only craft a plan for the future, but how to stay the course. It is always easy to slide back into bad habits. Kosow gives the reader some needed advice on how to create a “Lifestyle Plan,” that is workable, useable, and self-affirming. Again she has designed a list of  “Right Questions” for what she has termed the “Integrity Protection Plan.”

And throughout the entire process of self examination, revamping your life, questioning your priorities, and deciding what it actually means to be you, Kosow provides the reader with asides called, “Integrity Insights.” Here she shows you how to employ the ideas she has so deftly discussed with pointed and illuminating questions about your own life.

When you are done reading this book, you will have an action plan on how to approach who you are, who you want to be, and how to harness the best of yourself to accomplish all your goals.


This book is available November 1, 2017.



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