Book Review: Artemis by Andy Weir

From the author of The Martian, comes a new and exciting crime thriller, which just happens to take place in the modular lunar city of Artemis. Mixing scientific fact, with pulse pounding excitement, Andy Weir grabs you hook, line and sinker, into the world of Jazz Bashara.  She’s an expat Moslem apostate Saudi Arabian citizen, who lives on the seamier side of Artemis, whose former best friend just happens to be a gay Jew who keeps the Sabbath (Former? You need to read the book.). An antiheroine, that you root for to the very last page. Plus she’s decidedly brilliant, and as everyone, especially her father tells her, “she is not living up to her potential.”

41srmaxu4qlTo put it bluntly, Jazz is a criminal. And she is damn good at it. A smuggler, Jazz brings the rich what they can’t get legally on Artemis. She isn’t rolling in dough yet, but she has a plan. Unfortunately though for Jazz, her plan is taking a little longer than she had hoped.

Then one day, one of her billionaire clients, presents her with an offer that is too good to be true. One she would not turn down. Money that would set her up with a perfect future. Or so she thought.

Filled with a wonderful cast of characters of all shapes and sizes, Weir has created a self contained frontier town full of na’er do wells, eccentrics, law men, unions, a mayor who is just trying to keep her city afloat, and of course, corruption.  More the robber baron meets narco traffickers brand of underworld darkness, than the purse snatching versus burglar kind.

Deadly, evil, and unforgiving.

Murder ensues. And Jazz is right in the middle. She has become a target.

Jazz is smart. She is a survivor. But she has never been up against need-to-make-a-point vengeance.

And so the fun begins….

If you like seat of your pants action combined with iconoclastic characters, with science, and scifi  action thrown in, this book is definitely for you. Read this book. You will not be disappointed.

I just keep wondering who’ll play Jazz in the movie.

The book is available November 14, 2017

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