Book Review: Strong to the Bone by Jon Land

Nazis, Aryan Nation, Hells Angels, drug running, illegal aliens, FBI,  Homeland Security, Venezuelan hitmen, a corporate raider, greed, politics, and  Texas Rangers converge in Jon Land‘s latest Caitlin Strong thriller, Strong to the Bone. A secret calls out from the past of WW2, to come home to roost in Caitlin’s latest case. A secret so frightening to the average American that the US government made sure it lay hidden away for 70 years. A strong-to-the-bonesecret that her grandfather found himself smack dab in the middle of during the waning years of the Second World War.

There are family businesses that people gear themselves to. Whether there are a preponderance of lawyers, doctors, or teachers in your family, there is a history, a way of thinking in your world. In Caitlin Strong’s world, the family legacy is that of the Texas Rangers.

The no-nonsense, take no prisoners sense of right and wrong permeates how the Strong family does business. There is an honorable way to handle issues, and there is the cowards way. And no one could ever say that Caitlin Strong was a coward. But she is haunted. Haunted by an event that occurred 18 years ago that changed the trajectory of her life. And that event rears its ugly head changing Caitlin’s tactics, perceptions, and goals as she seeks a resolution to her own mystery, while searching for a present day assailant.

Caitlin’s latest case begins with a frat party gone out of control, a young man taking a semester off from his Ivy League college trying to figure out his path in life, and the ugliness of racism that seems to be a sad part of our American landscape. There is rape, murder, mayhem, and the threat of a drug conspiracy that makes narco traffickers look like amateurs. Throw into this mix the mystery of hunt for an escaped Nazi prisoner of war by Texas Rangers and a fledging FBI, and the reader is at the edge of their seat through the entire book.

Jon Land gives us another exciting, entertaining, and rather thought-provoking read. He gives the reader another terrific story in the Caitlin Strong series. If what you seek is a strong female character, one who stands her ground and leads the way, then this book is definitely for you. It doesn’t get better than Caitlin Strong, Texas Ranger.


This book is available December 5, 2017.



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