Book Review: All Systems Down by Sam Boush

I am old enough to remember when the entire eastern seaboard electrical grid went down. Since it happened just shortly after 9/11, most people were simply happy that it wasn’t another terrorist attack, and that it was no more than a simple glitch in the system. But what if it was more than a hiccup? What if it was a concerted attack on our Cover_ALL SYSTEMS DOWNinfrastructure that would leave the US at the mercy of her enemies?

This nightmare scenario is the premise of the fist installment of the Cyber Wars series, All Systems Down,  by Sam Boush. Gleaning from modern day events, and cyber tech knowledge, the author has given the reader an exciting, and riveting tale that at many times seems just all too real. How vulnerable are we to computer viruses? How would we react if our modern society was suddenly in the dark? Who would we become? What would we do to survive? Is our nation really prepared for the consequences of a modern day declaration of war?

It all begins somewhere in a small office in China. There sits a North Korean enemy agent, who has spent night and day for years trying to find a way to bring down the imperialists of the West. He finally thinks that he has the answer, and puts his plan into motion. In a matter of minutes the entire Internet is down. Nothing works.  Never mind that you can’t get your email or stream Netflix. The military is completely defenseless against this latest attack. The US is vulnerable as it has never been before. North Korea is poised to run roughshod over the West.

If you enjoy spy thrillers, mixed with an understanding of today’s major events and potential threats, then this book is for you. How the US survives, if it does, who saves the country, and how, is a big question. What happens to the North Koreans and their Chinese benefactors? Is a virus that is so lethal which can cripple the greatest military and economy in the world, something  that can be contained, stopped and directed free from consequences? Moreover, what does it mean to be so reliant on technology? Ultimately, the question is not simply who will survive, but what kind of future do you really want?

This book is available February 8, 2018.

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