Why is Inclusion in Dance So Important?

I have begun writing for a wonderful organization dedicated to inclusion in dance called Born Dancing. Here is my first blog post:


Dancing is about the soul. Born Dancing is about inclusion in dance for children with disabilities. As the parent of two college-age sons who have autism, I will be writing about the wonderful, and exciting things happening at Born Dancing, along with some insights into my own almost 3 decades worth of parenting experiences.

You see, as soon as they could walk, heck even before they could crawl, the boys would move along with the music. It is an inherent human need to move to the beat of the drum. To glide to the wail of the wind. To stomp to the percussive beat. Dance allows your soul to soar. When humans dance, we are in the moment. We connect to the world around us. When humans dance, we are absolutely free.

Even before we knew the boys had autism, we took them to dance class. They loved music. I remember one day when my youngest was just 18 months old, and we were at the Bronx Zoo. Music was piped in over a loudspeaker, and he simply, in that unashamed way toddlers approach life, began to spin and move to the music. Music speaks to that part of us that may be primal, but it is also that part of us which is most human.

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