Book Review: The Tug Wyler Mysteries by Andy Siegel

The word “hero” conjures up many manifestations of life saving, daring do, 6-feet-tall-navy-SEAL-firefighter-commandos. What the word “hero” doesn’t bring to mind is a malpractice lawyer.  When you hear those words what you see instead is a  stereotypical ambulance chaser, with oiled back hair, andy-siegel-nellys-case-600x900and a suit with frayed elbows. Luckily, not all lawyers exemplify the conventional wisdom of the shyster persona. Sometimes, lawyers, even malpractice lawyers, actually are that white night that the justice system really needs. And this is where The Tug Wyler Mysteries by Andy Siegel begin.

Wyler is that nerdy kid from your neighborhood that decided what the world needed was someone to right wrongs. He is also that kid who grew up to live in Westchester County, New York, with a lawyer wife, marriage rules, several kids, a spit fire of a mother, interesting office workers,

andy-siegel-eltons-case-600x900and even more interesting clients. But most of all he is that nerdy kid who grew up to never back down from a fight to protect the vulnerable.

You see what we always forget when we pick on malpractice lawyers, is that there are people in this world that the only way to make them pay for their immoral, or incompetent actions, is within the courts. And it takes a special kind of lawyer, one that can box with the best of them, to make sure that when you are harmed you get to ask your fellow citizens for redress.

Each one of Andy Siegel’s books are named for the main plaintiff in each story, Jenna, Elton, and Nelly are just Tug’s latest clients. His tales are based upon his own experiences as a malpractice attorney. He takes the reader behind the scenes, and gives us a glimpse into the fight needed to hold accountable those who have done others wrong. From court andy-siegel-jennas-case-600x900room scenes, to discussion of strategy, to taking the reader into the lives of the people hurt by other’s malfeasance, Siegel has written a series of quick paced, legal thrillers full of action, multiple interesting personalities, and danger. If you like Scott Turow, Linda Fairstein, or Robert Tanenbaum you will like these books.

Justice is blind, and can only see the truth of the matter. Or so we hope. Tug Wyler is one of those attorney’s you really want on your side when you need help. The books are interesting, engaging, and  fun. Just in time for that summer beach read.


The latest three plaintiffs books in the Tug Wyler series are available May 22, 2018. Siegel likes to call that binge reading.

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