On Words: Pathetic


  • causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; 
  • affecting or moving the emotions.
  • pertaining to or caused by the emotions.
  • miserably or contemptibly inadequate

Truth is that the word pathetic elicits some additional feelings  other than explained in the official definition. While, it is possible that the word can invoke some sympathy for people, more likely than not, the word actually elicits contempt. When you think about the word “pathetic” it is more the idea that someone is so totally absorbed in their own importance that they act upon a type of narcissism that is  beyond a realistic version of the world in which they live. Case in point John Kerry.

Yes the former Secretary of State, former US Senator, has decided to violate the Logan Act, and go help Iran avoid having trouble if Trump decides to end this non-signed, executive agreement that Obama  put into place. Now this is not about the merits of the Iran Deal. This is not about  Trump. This is not about Obama. This is about Kerry thinking that he has the stature in today’s day and age to elicit some kind of change in policy either in the US, or Iran. This is also about an ego driven Kerry telling Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority to hold strong and not give into Trump because, as reported, he told them that he would be president in 2020. 

This is a fine example of pathetic. Pathetic because Kerry sees himself as able to shape the direction of world history. He sees his “powers of persuasion” as so monumental that he feels he can change the direction of one of the most tyrannical countries on Earth (Yes, I am talking about Iran),  and force a peace in the Middle East on his terms and his terms alone.  Because, as anyone with any modicum of knowledge of the Middle East knows, is  that Islamists (Sunni or Shiite) wait on baited breath for non-Muslims to tell them how to prioritize their needs and wants (this statement is sarcastic, so don’t send me messages saying I am Islamophobic).

Overblown ego and overblown self-importance is an element of being pathetic. Now granted Kerry can actually think that his legacy as a statesman is wrapped up in the Iran Deal. He wants to keep it because he wants to point to it as the greatest achievement towards peace in the region. Whether he thinks it will make him president in 2020 is another question.

Thinking the world is the same as it was over a decade ago, when he lost his bid for the presidency is one issue, but thinking that everyone is waiting for you to ride into town on your white horse and save us from ourselves, is something else entirely. Perhaps he thinks that since the country elected one incompetent pensioner billionaire to be president maybe they will elect one geriatric that married billions instead. Let’s be honest here too, Kerry is afterall, basically living off the largesse of the Heinz family. So he needs the Iran Deal to prove he’s more than simply a gigolo. It’s not as if he ever built anything himself.  Apparently, the Iran Deal really is the only thing he created.

More importantly,  he is really proud of that deal.

Of course, he should ask the people in Syria that have been slaughtered at the hands of the Iranian special guard, or have watched their loved ones die from chemical weapons whether Kerry should be a preening peacock when it comes to the Iran Deal. He needs to ask them whether there is peace because of the deal. And the peace of the grave does not count. But, he won’t. Avoiding the hard truth about the harm you have caused others is also pathetic.

Kerry’s actions are not sad. His actions are not emotionally moving eliciting empathy for him. But simply down right disgusting. Pathetic in a contemptible way. Pathetic because the reality of the situation does not matter. To Kerry, it is his view alone, and only his view of himself that matters. What he thinks is important, despite the evidence before him that thousands are dead because of his deal, is paramount. That another war between Lebanon and Israel looms because of his deal, doesn’t register. That one of the worst war criminals since Hitler is kept in power because of his deal doesn’t phase him.

It is his perceived legacy and only his perception of his legacy that is preeminent. His is a grandiosity of an ego that is so hell bent on proving himself right, that he actually cites Iran’s violations of the deal as proof that the world needs the Iran deal. A gordian knot of convolution that amounts to a pathetic attempt to “save face” when the entire world knows, that he has fallen flat on his ass.

So the word “pathetic” is exemplified by this latest meanderings of the former Secretary of State. An ego driven, narcissistic orgy of self-importance, premised on a contemptible elitist attitude towards certain elected officials and their supporters, persons he considers unable to govern, elected by those he decries because they have not been properly educated and properly schooled in how they are to think, behave, and perceive the world. Kerry’s attitude bespeaks a sense of medieval paternalism.

This does not invoke sympathy for Kerry. But brings up the nausea of disgust.


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