Book Review: Super Hero Ethics by Travis Smith

9781599474540_p0_v1_s550x406If you are a fan of Joseph Campbell’s the hero’s journey philosophy you are going to enjoy the book, Super Hero Ethics. The author, Travis Smith, gives the reader an in depth discussion about the purposes and meanings of some of our favorite comic book heroes. The conversation is thought provoking, provocative, and asks the reader some truly interesting questions. Moreover, this dialogue is more than simply a look at the meaning of our favorite comic book heroes, this book allows the reader to look into exactly what draws them to these characters, and what these personas actually symbolize.

Lively tete-a-tetes are bound to happen among your favorite comic book aficionados. Here are the battle brackets:

  • Hulk versus Wolverine
  • Green Lantern versus Iron man
  • Batman versus Spider man
  • Captain America versus Mister Fantastic
  • Thor versus Superman


Smith does use the super heroes as a jumping off point to discuss issues that we face in our daily basis. This is a good primer on ethics, mores, folkways, and right from wrong. It will tell you a lot about yourself, as well as your compatriots, by asking those among you, what exactly are the attributes of a hero, and how can we live up to these positive images in our own lives?



This book is available June 1, 2018


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