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I remember the time when we had gotten the boys’ reevaluated by a psychologist who we respected—someone with a storied history and impeccable credentials. It had been awhile since there had been any assessment of their abilities and a reevaluation of their diagnosis, so it was needed. Well… it didn’t turn out as we expected.

While the diagnosis was basically on par with what we had always been told, there was an added extra discussion of what professional goals to which the boys might endeavor. Now my oldest at this time, who not only deals with the anxiety associated with autism, but also has generalized anxiety disorder was thinking of going to law school. As everyone knows, law school is very high pressure and can produce a lot of anxiety. Never mind what the practice of law itself entails! So, what does this psychologist suggest? Well, that he become an archivist instead. Since he was a history major, she decided that law school was too hard for him emotionally, and that it would be better if he did something that didn’t have too much human interaction and wasn’t so high pressured. Apparently, he was smart, but she decided that his disability would prevent him from reaching for his dreams. I am not and have never been a shrinking violet. When I got finished with her, she refused to meet with me to discuss my other son’s reports and sent her boss instead.

It wasn’t that I was especially mean. I was simply furious. Here she decided that my brilliant child should sit in the dark nether regions of a museum—away from human contact—and give up his dream of helping others through law. Instead of trying to think of supports that would help him reach his goal, she decided that his disability should prevent him from even trying.

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