On Words: Holocaust…..Debasement is Denial

Addition to the original post: Check out this amazing new website Faces of Auschwitz. It is mesmerizing, educational, and quite overwhelming at times.

No, not every evil is akin to the Holocaust. The Holocaust was in fact so unique in its barbarity that the world gave it its own name…”The Holocaust.” Because of the Holocaust the world also came up with a new word “genocide.” 

If for some reason you have this overwhelming need to make analogies to genocide, or the Holocaust, think Armenian, Cambodia, Rwanda, the Rhohynga in Burma,  Darfur, Srebrenica, the Yazzidi, Christian Arabs in the Middle East. It does not include American immigration actions no matter how repugnant.

Yes families were being separated for grotesque reasons. Yes the Trump administration admitted it was to deter illegal immigration. But Americans being Americans stood up, demanded they stop, and the President  caved. Just a little note here-when you have the barbarism of genocide, protests, and a few bad news cycles don’t stop the murder machine of hatred.

Meanwhile, before you start calling every action by your political opponent genocide, or equating it to The Holocaust,  you need to stop, think, reason and analyze what is going on. Below are the elements that go into creating a genocide. (they are explained fully at this link):









I know, I know, the questions is though, why if something is so abjectly wrong, are people so upset by a Holocaust analogy anyway? The problem is that when you debase the Holocaust, then you forget the historically uniquely evil aspect of that crime. It is an insult to those who suffered. It is an insult to those who survived. It is in fact, an insult to those who may be subject to genocide in the future.

Click HERE to read why the Holocaust was unique.

In truth, when you debase the Holocaust, it is no different than Holocaust denial. By denying the true nature of what happened then you are simply partaking in denying that the event occurred. Now, Holocaust denial can take many forms. It isn’t simply inbred white men walking around in khakis with tiki torches yelling epithets and antisemitic and racist slogans. Sadly, Holocaust denial unfortunately is growing.

If we have learned nothing else in this past week, is that as the world moves away from the events of the Holocaust, we need to educate and remind society what the Holocaust actually was and why it occurred and quite frankly to whom. We need to remind the world of the depths to which humanity can sink, truly sink. Genocide of this nature is so easy to repeat as we have seen in the last 70 years, that we as human beings need to understand what lies within ourselves.

Moreover,  at the same time, we need to be able to understand that when you catastrophize everything, when everything is of equal depravity and immoral certainty, then you protect nothing, especially liberty. Freedom depends on the notion that there are levels of evil as well as levels of goodness. If everything that you despise is suddenly the work of Nazis, then simple political discourse about competing ideas and notions of how our country needs to be run, discourse which is needed in a democracy, cannot be had, and democracy dies.

Online education- Yad Vashem

Learn about the Holocaust-US Holocaust Museum

And another observed reality when it comes to invoking the Holocaust in today’s world

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