Book Review: Straight Talk for Startups by Randy Komisar and Jantoon Reigersman

Venture capitalist, Randy Komisar, and seasoned financial operator Jantoon Reigersman, have collaborated on a book, Straight Talk for Startups,  that outlines the where, why, who, and how-tos of the start-up world. They have put together an extensive list of 100 rules that need to be examined, pulled apart, followed, and applied to any business idea that you may have rattling around in your subconscious.

cover-finalBroken down into 5 parts:

  1. The Fundamentals
  2. Selecting the Right Investors
  3. The Ideal Fundraise
  4. Building and Managing Effective Boards
  5. Achieving Liquidity

The authors give the reader the benefit of their decades worth of incite and knowledge. They  lead any person thinking of leaping head first into the uncertain world of start-ups through the necessary steps to prepare them for this uncertain business adventure.

Start-ups are very cool.  Everyone wants to be the next Apple, Google, or Twitter. Make no mistake, this is a crowded field. And no,  it is not as easy to begin a business as it seems. However, with the right planning, and business acumen, you will have a head start among the competition.

Our authors, lay out an effective plan with examples, ideas, and challenges. They do not tell you that this will lead to pie-in-the-sky. But rather they try to help you understand what it takes to get your idea off the ground, and keep it going. Whether you are a novice, or experienced in business, this book can become your start-up bible.

The book is available now.




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