Book Review: The Tin God by Chris Nickson

Societal change can bring out the best, or the worst, in people. There are those who fight to better the world, and those who feel so threatened by even the slightest deviation from their norm, that they resort to malfeasance, and even murder. There is no doubt that women thinking they could stand for election shocked the conscience of this very outwardly (yet often-time hypocritical) conservative society. So begins, The Tin God,  the latest in the Superintendent Harper police procedurals series, by Chris Nickson,

51sxpfkjzfl-_sy346_Victorian England was the center of the world. What England did, how she did it, and why she did it, was felt throughout the globe. Clearly 1/3 of the world at the turn of the 20th century lived according to the ways, and moraies of the British aristocracy. These social dictates that had not changed in eons created divisions and castes that allowed for control by some, yet destitution for the majority. But times they were a changing….slowly painstakingly, changes were hobbling in and there were those who refused to kowtow any longer.

It is not mere comfort that is about to be threatened by a sea of change, but an entire way of life. And there is someone out there, someone lurking in the background, hell bent on stopping this tidal wave any. way. he. can.


He starts a campaign of terrorizing the female candidates who stand for election. There were men in general who are not pleased that a woman was not at home, taking care of her man…But this individual was more insidious, more methodical, and more deliberate in his attacks on the candidates.

Threatening letters, replete with songs about the torture and murder of women, are sent to the candidates. Then when no woman backs down there are the bombs, and the death of innocents. Kidnapping of children, and assault with rape threats become commonplace. Tension mounts with the investigation being all the more personal to Superintendent Harper, because his Annabelle is one of the candidates up for election, and his Mary is one of the children threatened with kidnap.

Always well written, and well researched, the author brings you into the battle that was the woman’s suffrage movement. For those of us who are spoiled, who forget to even take time to vote, it is good to be reminded of the sacrifices of our foremothers. Women who stood their ground, and risked their very lives, under dire circumstances, for the simple right to  have a say in their own future.

This book is available July1


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