Transitioning from Summer to School

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As we move towards the end of summer it is important that we create as smooth a transition into the new school year as possible for our children. For many children it is not just the change of schedule that causes concern, but it is getting them used to new teachers, new classrooms, new classmates, and as they get older, new academic requirements and even new school buildings.

This is not easy for the average student, never mind those students who have a disability. Parents and educators need to be aware of ways to help with the transition into a new classroom and what is expected of them as they move up each grade/year.

Here are some ideas that have helped us over the years with transitions from summer into the next school year. Remember all the suggestions can be altered to fit any child’s age, needs, or particular circumstances:

1. Write a social story. Social stories are individualized short stories that describe a social situation that a child (affected by autism) may encounter. Social stories are used to teach skills and social cues through precise and sequential information about everyday events that the child may encounter and find challenging. Social Stories can prevent anxiety and help a child navigate the start of the new school year and new social situations.

You could write a social story with the names of the new teacher (s), the school, the classroom, and other staff and how to greet each.
Write a social story about how starting a new school year will be exciting and they will meet many new friends.
Write about where the bathroom, cafeteria, gym etc. are and include the transition procedures between activities.


Read the rest of the suggestions HERE.

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