They will first come for us because we are Jews…

Since I was a teenager, I loved Israel. She was an outgrowth of my understanding of who I was as a Jew, and as a human being. She spoke to me of renewal, understanding, and of a People that simply refused to die. I reveled in her existence and in her stubbornness. I knew that Jewish history was speaking through her. Perhaps I put too much emphasis on such a small country, a country full of fallible people. But what this little girl saw from her perch in middle America was a miracle. A miracle born of eons of slaughter, ghettos, inquisitions, pogroms and Holocaust. Israel lives not because of societies, civilization, and human culture, but in spite of humanity.

And today, I see within the anti-Israel movement, a singular obsession of Jew-hatred. I see that whenever the anti-Israel movement rears its ugly head, along comes antisemitism, and an exacerbation of Jew hatred. I understand that if you hate Israel, if you hold Israel, and only Israel to a particularly high standard, if the only nation in the world you decide is illegitimate is the world’s only Jewish state, then you are an anti-Semite. And this reality has shaped my politics.


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