Tips for an Inclusive Halloween

My latest blog for Born Dancing:


For most children who live with one disability or another, Halloween is, and can be, as much fun as for anyone else. There is no reason why your child couldn’t participate in the enjoyment of the holiday with just some simple tweaking.

Halloween was always an interesting time in our house. Not so much because the boys liked to dress up and go trick-or-treating, but because the boys did not like any part of it. Halloween is a very social holiday. It’s parties, hijinks and ghost stories galore. For a child who faces challenges with everyday interactions, to understand new rules of a game or holiday for only one night, can be too much. We were in fact that family without costumes and the family who went out during the day, because the night was simply too scary. So on All Hollow’s Eve we stayed home, and learned to be the deliverer of candy rather than the imp who would threaten a trick if you deigned to forgo giving them a treat. Remember—Halloween is not for everyone!

To my younger son goblins and ghouls come out of their hideaways and walk the earth one day a year. He would refuse, and still refuses, to wear a costume. Masks freak him out to this day. No costume for him. (He actually would not join the video game club in college because they would dress up as their favorite character when the club got together. He wouldn’t mind playing the video games, he just didn’t want to be a part of the story that involves dressing up….)

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