I am Not Afraid. I am Enraged.

My latest blog  at Times of Israel:

In a post, some weeks ago, I lamented that “They will first come for us because we are Jews.” That our political machinations aside, the world does not see that we are a people of many and diverse ideas, thoughts, or paths. They do not see that we are a nation with a varied and interesting population spread throughout Israel and the Diaspora. The world has so little knowledge of who we, The Jewish People, truly are, that even in time of crisis and support, they still get it wrong.

Jake Tapper, the CNN reporter, went on Twitter to explain to people that a Conservative synagogue does not mean politically conservative, but that it is a branch of Judaism. The inanity of those who comment about the tragedy of The Tree of Life Synagogue, and yet have no clue what Judaism is, or how our community functions, is astounding. Only when it comes to Judaism, Jews, and yes, Israel, do those who are so highly uneducated in the subject dane to offer up their own prescriptions of peace plans, religious authority, and nationalistic perspectives.

As an aside, the hubby had his own definition to work from, “Conservative Jews are those who are just above the fake Reform Jews. Conservative Jews are still a little bit Jewish. (and you have to say that with your grandparents Eastern European accent)” By the way, Reform Jewish observance seems Orthodox in our household. And before you get all insulted, that was a joke in a time of horror.


The hubby, who, by the way, is not prone to talking about the subject of Jews, anti-Semitism or Israel, continued: these anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists are beyond the pale. They have no idea that there is no true centralized Jewish authority. OK, Israel does have the Rabbinate, and there are the organizations for the different branches of Judaism here in the US, but really, how many Jews that you know of, pay any head to anyone else when it comes to their Judaism? There is no Jewish Pope, or the Jewish version of the Archbishop of Canterbury. You could hear the incredulousness in his revelation. He was trying to logically understand the illogical.


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