You don’t have to thank someone for a non-apology

Something is wrong with this generation of activists. They hear antisemitism and what do they do? They demand an apology from the antisemite, not because of the evil they espouse,  but because they “hurt their feelings.”

Now don’t get me wrong. You insult me and I would like an apology. But I am not so naive to think that this is going to change a person, especially if it’s not the first time they have insulted me.

I am also old enough to know when someone is gaslighting me, and when someone is abusive as well. Abusers will always apologize. But they will inevitably return to their abusive nature. The same with antisemites. Sure. The smart ones will apologize when they are caught if political life is important to them. But this does not mean they will ever rethink their worldview.

“Let’s invite the antisemites to dialogue,” say these progressives, even if such a meeting has happened before. Considering that  the miscreant Congresswoman obviously learned absolutely nothing from her previous encounters, what do they think will change her views on her antisemitism this time?  Apparently, it never dawns on these progressives that when the haters agree to dialogue, it does not mean they want to listen to you. In fact, it’s that they want you to listen to them, accept what they say about you, and denounce the fact that you are an “evil Jew.” These “activists” basically allow the haters to set the agenda.

How many times do you have to interact with a person who traffics in virulent antisemitism before you actually tell them to get lost? How many chances did you give a David Duke or Louis Farrakhan?


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