Update: Antisemitism is now cool

If you have been following the latest in the Adventures in Antisemitism in the US Congress, you will know that Rep. Ilhan Omar has spouted some more Jew-hating tropes.

It also appears that her statements have not been condemned in the US House of Representatives because her allies objected. The CBC and the Progressive block of the DNC are saying she is a victim of racism/Islamophobia because people are calling her out for her antisemitism. They are also trying to make this all about the US’ pro-Israel foreign policy. Talk about gaslighting. (Update: the House passed a watered down version of the resolution, that did not name Omar, and “All Lives Mattered” antisemitism. They simply could not bring themselves to say that antisemitism in and of itself is bad.)

So instead of standing her ground and asserting her position as head of the Democratic Party in Congress, Speaker Pelosi has decided to let the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee, the committee where Omar is a member, write a resolution on antisemitism. What’s next, is Pelosi going to let Putin decide whether he interjected himself into the 2016 election?  (Well if it benefited the democrats you can bet she would have) Yes that’s a little reductio ad absurdum. But apparently, according to Madam Speaker only Jews are not allowed to define the hatred directed against them and the hater actually gets a say. If fair is fair then, Pelosi should have made sure that  Steve King was included in on defining racism.

(Update: apparently a Fox News commentator, Judge Pirro said that Omar’s wearing of a hijab is an indication that she does not respect nor adhere to the US Constitution. This was rightly condemned by every major Jewish organization in the US. See a bit of a difference here? No waffling, no obfuscation. The US Jewish community recognizes that hate is hate and that libelous stereotypes are harmful to this democracy no matter even if the person attacked is a purveyor of Jew-hatred. Because the slippery slope of ignorance and intolerance affects all of us eventually and we always need to be on guard for those that would deny what makes this nation exceptional. Our mutual respect for our differences.)

Listen, if you put this latest episode in a novel, readers would think you were being disingenuous, Islamophobic and racist, to think that because of a person’s religion and skin color they should not be held to societal norms of antiracist decency. But you would also not be considered antisemitic if you spouted Jew-hating tropes, because  if a gentile, like Speaker Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and every announced Democratic presidential candidate, say someone isn’t an antisemite,  which they did about Omar, then that is the truth of the matter.

Obviously, what the Jewish Community tells you is antisemitism or who is an antisemite doesn’t count. We’re too touchy, or thin skinned apparently.  Talk about gentilesplaining Jew-hatred. Something, by the way, Leftists and Democrats, would never do to any other marginalized, or minority, group.

Meanwhile here is my more succinct take on the issue, which I sent as a comment to the New York Times (unposted by them):

It is interesting to see how the Left infantilizes Omar saying she isn’t savvy enough to know what she is saying or doing. This is a grown woman who ran a successful election campaign. This is grown adult woman with an advanced degree and career (she was a fellow at the U of Minnesota).

This is a grown women who has chosen antisemitism as her modus operandi.

Her allies, those in the CBC, and the progressive Left, actually want you to believe that this successful 37 year old woman is not capable of understanding that she is trafficking in antisemitism because she is a POC and a Muslim. That to attack her is Islamophobic. In other words, they are making her the victim of her own bigotry. They tell us that we should give a pass to Jew-hatred based on a persons skin color and their religion. Talk about twisting yourself into a racist gordian knot.

In other words, Jews world wide are being told to shut up and sit down. That they do not have a right to defend themselves against antisemitic tropes coming from otherwise self-perceived self-righteous antiracism activists. Just as a note: when you traffic in antisemitism, you are not an antiracism activist no matter what your intersectional friends say.

Basically the moral of this story: the Democrat Party powerful are telling us that Jewish Lives Matter only when antisemitism is postulated by those carrying tiki-torches. They have more important things to think about than defending the humanity of Jewish-Americans.


By the way the Democrats are now doubling down on their antisemitism:

Apparently, according to Whip Jim Clyburn, the DNC needs to listen more to Omar than Jewish Americans, because her experience in Somalia is more personal than the Jewish community’s experience with antisemitism, since the Jewish community is several generations removed from the Holocaust HERE  I suppose the congressman from South Carolina hasn’t been reading up on the rise of antisemitic incidents worldwide.

Persecution, and marginalization, is not a step ladder of whom has had it the worst (though that is how intersectional persecution works and the Jews are not persecuted according to this theory),

but the truth of the matter is that:

1) saying living through war entitles you to be a raging bigot is repugnant,

2) there are Holocaust victims still alive and it is proven that they pass along their trauma to the next generation,

3) the Holocaust is a living memory,

3) gentilesplaining once again whether Jewish Americans are allowed to feel threatened and aggrieved when their Americanism is questioned is base Jew-hatred,

and we are also finally well aware that

4) the democratic party is now run by open antisemites.

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