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Freedom does not come free… Advertisements

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And now it is my turn…and the joy overwhelmed me

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I decided it was time. My parents gifted my then husband-to-be a tallit as an engagement present. We gifted our sons their tallitot when they became b’nai mitzvah. I decided it was finally time to gift myself a tallit. For … Continue reading

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Remembering That the Elderly Have So Much to Give

One of the more interesting activities in which I participate, is the virtual senior center at Self Help in New York City. This organization, founded as a support for aging Holocaust survivors, and now reaches across all communities in the … Continue reading

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Freedom and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

When I hear political candidates rail against the the beauty of the US Constitution, it reminds me that in every generation we are warned, “they will rise up to kill you,” There are always those that wish to take from … Continue reading

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Update: Antisemitism is now cool

If you have been following the latest in the Adventures in Antisemitism in the US Congress, you will know that Rep. Ilhan Omar has spouted some more Jew-hating tropes. It also appears that her statements have not been condemned in … Continue reading

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You don’t have to thank someone for a non-apology

Something is wrong with this generation of activists. They hear antisemitism and what do they do? They demand an apology from the antisemite, not because of the evil they espouse,  but because they “hurt their feelings.” Now don’t get me … Continue reading

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Lifestyle: Choose Kindness

I have been absent lately. That is true. In fact, I have been absent in more ways than one and I am not totally certain as to why that was. Whether I chose NOT to write, NOT to read for … Continue reading

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