On Words: Pathetic

Defined: causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.;  affecting or moving the emotions. pertaining to or caused by the emotions. miserably or contemptibly inadequate Truth is that the word pathetic elicits some additional feelings  other than explained in the official definition. While, it is possible that the word can invoke some sympathy for people, more likely than not, the … Continue reading

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Lifestyle: Money can’t buy happiness-bullshit

I have been looking for a way to up my game on a daily basis, so I decided to look into some self-improvement classes. I really like the site Coursera for on-line courses. You can take classes from liberal arts, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Tug Wyler Mysteries by Andy Siegel

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The word “hero” conjures up many manifestations of life saving, daring do, 6-feet-tall-navy-SEAL-firefighter-commandos. What the word “hero” doesn’t bring to mind is a malpractice lawyer.  When you hear those words what you see instead is a  stereotypical ambulance chaser, with … Continue reading

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

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Why is Inclusion in Dance So Important?

I have begun writing for a wonderful organization dedicated to inclusion in dance called Born Dancing. Here is my first blog post:   Dancing is about the soul. Born Dancing is about inclusion in dance for children with disabilities. As the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Twenty-One Days by Anne Perry

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If you are a fan of the Pitt mystery series, you will absolutely love the next installment by Anne Perry. Twenty-One Days, has the Pitt son, Daniel, now a newly minted Cambridge lawyer, defending accused murderers in court. Now of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jerusalem Drawn and Quartered by Sarah Tuttle-Singer

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Toward the West, and toward the sea, the land rolls across the sweet green fields and little towns. If you walk out Jaffa Gate and head straight for a few days, you’ll hit the port city. There are rules, and … Continue reading

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