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Why is Inclusion in Dance So Important?

I have begun writing for a wonderful organization dedicated to inclusion in dance called Born Dancing. Here is my first blog post:   Dancing is about the soul. Born Dancing is about inclusion in dance for children with disabilities. As the … Continue reading

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On Words: Abject Incredulous Stupidity

Abject: 1.utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched. 2.contemptible; despicable; base-spirited. 3.shamelessly servile; slavish. Incredulous skeptical; indicating or showing unbelief Stupidity beyond ignorant; dumbass; uneducated; lack of good sense or judgement In other words:  A state of human existence indicating a “Hopeless … Continue reading

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On Words: Marginalized

An interesting article on employment issues autistics face found in  Slate. Here is the comment I left: This article could be written about my sons. It is also important to note that without a job coach, or even a coach … Continue reading

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On Words: it is resilience, not suffering

Suffer: to experience or show the effects of something bad Interestingly, every time society uses the verb “to suffer,”  in discussing a person’s situation or reality, does not mean humanity shows care or understanding. In fact, an extended definition of … Continue reading

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