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Lifestyle: Choose Kindness

I have been absent lately. That is true. In fact, I have been absent in more ways than one and I am not totally certain as to why that was. Whether I chose NOT to write, NOT to read for … Continue reading

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Lifestyle: Money can’t buy happiness-bullshit

I have been looking for a way to up my game on a daily basis, so I decided to look into some self-improvement classes. I really like the site Coursera for on-line courses. You can take classes from liberal arts, … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Integrity Advantage by Kelley Kosow

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Integrity. We think we know what it implies, and how we are supposed to employ it in our everyday lives. But the author Kelley Kosow, in her new book, The Integrity Advantage,  takes the reader on a journey through a … Continue reading

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Lifestyle: TV Review- Seems Americans like the USA and modern Hollywood has finally figured that out

It appears that Hollywood may have actually gotten the memo: Americans not only like their country, but they have respect for the people that put their lives on the line to protect our homeland. Not that we don’t have shows … Continue reading

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On Yom Kippur, I am reminded that I am an Orphan

The yahrzeit candles were lined up in a neat little row. We lit then as tradition dictates on Yom Kippur for our parents. It is a stark reminder that for all intense and purposes, both the husband and I are … Continue reading

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Lifestyle; On Words: Harmony

Channeling Oprah, I have come to the conclusion that it is your right to “live your best life.” It is your right to seek that for those you love  as well. Moreover,  if that means banishing the negative influences in … Continue reading

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On Words: Lifestyle

It’s a loaded word, “lifestyle.” Mostly society uses it as a sense of disdain for those who live a life outside the norm. Your chosen lifestyle is …well, you fill in the blanks. But this post is about the views … Continue reading

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